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Overload Your Muscles Rapidly
With the Anabolic Accelerator Package

Because you have put your trust in me and my program, I am going to give you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to upgrade your order with this Anabolic Accelerator Package (50 High-Calorie Mass Building Meal Recipes, 40 High-Calorie Shakes and Smoothies Recipes, The Hardgainer’s Home Training Guide: Dumbbell Edition, 20 Anabolic Workout Crushers, and Top 10 Muscle-Stimulating Bodyweight Workouts) – all while saving OVER 75% in the process!

The Anabolic Accelerator

Package Includes:

Component 1: 50 High-Calorie Mass Building Recipes ($19.95 Value)

Eating the same meals day in and day out can get pretty boring, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this guide you will find 50 mass building recipes that are all delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, and NEVER boring. This is especially great for those naturally skinny guys who have a hard time eating enough calories to ensure growth!

Component 2: 40 High-Calorie Shakes & Smoothies Recipes ($19.95 Value)

If you are finding it hard to meet your calorie requirements, are short on time, or just in the mood for a great tasting smoothie, you’ll find 40 delicious shakes and smoothies’ recipes that you can make in less than 90 seconds. In this guide, you will also find that all of the recipes are organized in the proper category whether it is a meal replacement, pre-workout, post workout, or even bedtime shake!

Component 3: The Hardgainer’s Home Training Guide: Dumbbell Edition ($29.95 Value)

If you are someone who trains from home or would like to, this is a MUST have. This training guide goes over every workout you’ll need to know to train 100% from home…with just a set of dumbbells. Not only do you get images and directions for each exercise, but it also includes different workout routines no matter what type of splits you are using. No matter what training program you’re following right now, this guide will allow you to convert that program into a home based dumbbell routine.

Component 4: 20 Anabolic Workout Crushers ($39.95 Value)

This is my personal favorite. This guide reveals 20 of the most threshold-shattering workout finishers. Using these workout crushers is a sure way to overload your muscles and force them into rapid growth. Never question the intensity of your workout again! Leave the gym every time knowing that you gave it your maximum effort.

Component 5: Top 10 Muscle-Stimulating Bodyweight Workouts ($19.95 Value)

If you have ever been caught in a situation where you were short on time and there was no way you could make it to the gym? Been there, done that, and it’s not a good feeling. With this guide you’ll never have to skip a workout again. These bodyweight workout routines are time efficient, effective, and require no equipment. These bodyweight workout routines have never been released to the general public…until now.

As you can see, the total value of the Anabolic Accelerator Package is worth $129.75...

But once again, because you have put all of your trust in me and my program, I want you to build eye-popping, shirt-ripping muscle, in less time. With that said, I want to offer you this Anabolic Accelerator Package at 75% off of the normal price… if you buy today.

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Anabolic Accelerator is a downloadable program. You will receive instant access upon purchase. Nothing will be shipped.